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Increase Your Efficiency With Our Payroll Services

Dealing with payroll is a time-consuming task. Labouring with the massive data for each pay cycle impedes your productivity while also being a burden on your finances. Outsourcing your payroll work to TWO DOTS ensures that you are able to meet your client's needs successfully and become their reliable service provider.

With special attention towards payroll legislation, we ensure risk-free management of your affairs so that your clients get your optimum value-added services. Our payroll processing services are tax-compliant from start to finish, providing your clients complete protection from undue audits.

Payroll Benefits with TWO DOTS

  • Cut back on in-house payroll expenses
  • Eliminate payment processing errors
  • Avoid IRS penalties
  • Practices compliant with the legislation of the day
  • Protection from vulnerability to audits
  • Secure client data confidentiality
  • Smooth execution of the complete process

TWO DOTS Services Entail

  • Employee payroll generation (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly)
  • Regular progress reports (weekly or monthly)
  • Filing payroll returns with Form 941 and Form NYS-45
  • Managing tax payments from employment taxes and state income tax to federal withholding tax
  • Policywise setup for each client's payroll schedule
  • Send confirmation of payroll returns to the client
  • Send Checkstubs/Paystubs delivered to the client

What We Need From You

  • Each employee's filled W-4 Form
  • Bank details required for payment
  • Pay rate with each employee’s payment schedule (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly)
  • Attendance report of each employee (timesheet)
  • Specific needs you require TWO DOTS to fulfill
  • Areas you wish to have more focus upon


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