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Ledger Review maintains your client's daily as well as overall affairs and helps keep your services on track. With TWO DOTS, you get trained professionals with experience in the field to handle your accounting journals.

Outsourcing your ledger review ensures cost-control and efficiency of work. With expenses saved on costly accounting software, you can utilize your resources to focus on expanding your clientele. With TWO DOTS' experienced professionals on the job, details like debits and credits, description, and posting date are reviewed with error-free, quick efficiency.

Experience the Difference

  • Skilled and certified professionals
  • Fast and error-free data entry
  • Prompt decisions in business with latest accounting updates
  • Completed general ledgers with quick turn-around time
  • Entries done in line with current accounting practices
  • Reviews implemented with top accounting softwares

TWO DOTS Specialises in

  • Timely Progress Reports (Weekly or Monthly)
  • Preparing P&L Reports
  • Handling Year-end Adjustments
  • Adjusting Trial Balance and Journal Entries
  • Reviewing Entries of the Sub-Ledger
  • Carrying out Variance Analysis
  • Adjustment Preparation and Posting
  • Securing Software Backup
  • Preparing Payable Reports or Provisions
  • Posting Errors Resolution

What We Need From You

  • Adjustments/AJEs of the previous year
  • Completed Financial Statements
  • Work Papers Required for Tax Payments
  • Specific needs you require TWO DOTS to fulfil
  • Areas you wish to have more focus upon

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