Outsource bookkeeping and be worry free until the end of the year.
    We do leave calculation, taxes, 1044s, and timely payments. Count on us.
    1099s, 1040s, GST filings and what not! Experts will help you throughout year.


CPA, Beverly Hills, USA

We are having services from TWO DOTS since a year now and must say it has changed the way we do accounting business. We are into CPA firm since 16 years now and used to do traditional practice. Then, we came to know about TWO DOTS through some reference and contacted how may they help. They first study our internal control and structure, and then suggested us a strategic internal control system which will be fully handled by them. Most of the basic non-core activities like basic bookkeeping, payroll, taxation etc. are handled by them now, and we can concentrate on gain more clients and provide quality services. We gained up to 40% employee costs and gained 60% more clients in a year than we have in our previous 14 years business as they took care of all our non-core activities. TWO DOTS directly communicates with our client's with our provided communication email ID of our company and fetch required documents from our client and enter the data on timely manner. Apart from that, they have built a streamlined system for our clients as well, so they don't skip to send the data. Now, our company just concentrates to provide quality to our customers and everything else is taken care by TWO DOTS. We definitely would suggest to make a call to TWO DOTS once.

MD, Trading Company, NY, USA

Our company is into trading business since 40 years and used to run our business the way everyone else do. Then we thought to change the way we do business and do a little cost cutting and though we took advice from a few companies.  TWO DOTS was the best to provide the advice as well as resources to do so. They first asked us to provide with our present structure and then suggested us the most cost effective internal control system. They took mostly our back-end department with the half of the cost what we were spending then. All the A/R, A/P, Invoicing, Payroll and other non-core activities were outsourced to TWO DOTS, and we started receiving timely reports and suggestion to make it better. Best thing was that we could check our year end company financials in 15 days the financial year ends! They used to directly communicate with our CPA for any important reports, filing etc. The best part is they are flexible for any of your requirements and provide you with several options. I definitely recommend to ping TWO DOTS for your business consultation.