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Handling the mammoth accounting affairs of your clients on your own generally leads to unproductive consequences on your services. Your priorities keep shifting between tracking their books and providing consultancy, greatly affecting your profitability.

Conversely, losing sight of their accounts can result in mishaps like erroneous auditing and inaccurate finance reviews. Risks in bookkeeping tend to evolve into dire ramifications.

TWO DOTS provides trained professionals to take care of your accounting needs. Your profits stand to increase as you are able to act on accurate, up-to-date client data. Your resources are dedicated towards your own consultancy while still maintaining your clients as a priority. Our fast turn-around times ensure that you stay on top of all your affairs.

Gain an Edge with TWO DOTS

  • Increased Productivity and Profitability
  • Trained Professionals Handling your Clients' Accounts
  • Reduced Expenses
  • Quicker and Efficient Turn-around

TWO DOTS Services Entail

  • Weekly and/or monthly progress reports
  • Preparing accounts for reviewing at partner level
  • 1099 forms
  • Preparing and analyzing financial reports
  • Carrying out tax evaluation
  • Preparing draft accounts for review purposes
  • General ledger and balance sheet
  • Managing accounts prepared from incomplete records
  • Managing full set of accounts
  • Trial balance and cash flow statement
  • P&L account

What We Need from You

  • Copies of working papers of last year and the current year
  • Backup data of your accounting and bookkeeping software
  • Specific needs you require TWO DOTS to fulfil
  • Areas you wish to have more focus upon


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